How to Save the Game of Football Match?

As the European football season approaches its climax with Cup Finals and also hard-fought decisive organization matches that sort out champions, survivors, and losers, it is time once more to recall in temper. If you are a severe follower, and also adhere to every game of your favorite group, recognizing the skills and failings of each player, you will certainly have much to be angry about. You will certainly be furious with the numerous decisions by referees and their team that have violated the football team you sustain. You will certainly be enraged with choices made in favor of the opposing group, specifically when the television displays immediately replay the event, showing in vivid colour the choice was wrong.


You will meet with your close friends in the pub, watch the replay, and experience again the video game and curse loudly at the many inadequate decisions. Moreover, you will certainly be angry there is absolutely nothing you can do about it, and you will question why the different Football Organizations do not take action. Your temper will be primarily guided at the referee, probably in loud voice throughout the match, yet while you are cursing his awkwardness there are issues you must additionally think about:

  • The referee can only base his decisions on the appropriate evidence provided
  • The list of acceptable evidence does not include that of television slow-motion replays
  • In the 90 or so minutes of each match, an umpire can make hundreds of decisions based only on evidence checked out by the human eye, and hundreds of opinions from his linesmen and fourth official.

Technical Assistance:

The sporting activity of tennis overcame this problem with a digital gadget providing 100% exact choices concerning the round going out of play, but the Football match-fixing Organizations decline to even take into consideration similar options, not to mention test them.  The door is shut. The choice was made not to make use of modern technology in all, FIFA basic assistant Jerome Volcker mentioned in March 2010, declining the use of innovation as a support to the umpire.

One needs to wonder why:

The game of football has whatever to get from digital help:

  • 100% precision on goals; recognizing if the round goes across the line.
  • 100% precision on when the ball has actually gone out of play
  • 100% precision on offside’s
  • Aesthetic evidence of all fouls from different angle, resulting in 100% accuracy on decisions
  • The decrease and also eventual removal of would disloyalty’ to win or lose a game
  • The decrease and ultimate removal of ‘fixed’ suits by casino players

The game has nothing to shed, the Football Associations have absolutely nothing to shed to the best of my expertise, and so it seems a piece of cake.